Our Technologies are Best in Breed
iQuartic’s EHRProfiler has been developed with and then benchmarked at some of the leading payer and provider systems
EHRProfiler includes
Automatic highlighting of the supporting text for easy quality review. No more scrolling through pages of notes
A simple interface developed for providers and their supporting coders to interact with the sophisticated underlying technology
Alerts to highlight when an HCC or HEDIS is indicated and supported, but missing
A natural language processing capability developed by some of the leading experts in NLP. It incorporates all the traditional NLP approaches including taxonomy, rules based search, and statistical methods as a first layer and then adds cutting edge artificial intelligence and deep learning to truly understand the meaning of the text
Integrates into providers' EMRs to support prospective and at the point-of-care code capture
Audits all outgoing submissions for compliance adherence and assurance
A full audit trail of every decision and interaction
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