Transforming Risk Adjustment

iQuartic is transforming Risk Adjustment using powerful AI solutions to provide reliable analytics and flexible workflow tools to drive Value-Based Care.

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iQ SmartonFHIR

We’re turning the norm upside down in interoperability for risk adjustment and compliance initiatives. Say hello to electronic chart retrieval that provides up-to-date, on-demand patient clinical documentation.

Lower cost and hassle for chart retrieval and medical records management.

Supply NLP and ML models with the most comprehensive set of patient data available.

PRODUCTS Smart Risk Adjustment Solutions

Delivering insight on risk that empowers payers and providers to make more informed decisions to improve the quality of patient care.

iQ SmartCoder product icon

iQ SmartCoder

Improve your code capture process with our intuitive interface that improves the efficiency and accuracy of your risk adjustment program

iQ SmartCoder

iQ SmartCoder is a computer-assisted coding solution that improves the code capture process by having everything a coder needs at the click of a button.

Built-in Libraries
Intuitive Dashboards and Workflows
Increased Revenue

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iQ SmartAssist

Better understand patient populations and predict adverse patient-specific events with this end-to-end, data-driven AI solution.


iQ SmartAssist

iQ SmartAssist is an AI solution for automated risk adjustment reviews that uses NLP, ML, user-friendly workflows and dashboards allowing for organizations to optimize risk capture.

Improved Accuracy
Enhanced Productivity
Active Learning

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iQ SmartonFHIR

Maximize the retrieval of patient medical documentation with ease while decreasing the burden of retrieval cost with our FHIR API.

iQ SmartonFHIR

iQ SmartonFHIR is a comprehensive data and analytics ecosystem complemented by extensive data connectivity reaching more than 2% of U.S. healthcare data, including CMS’ Blue Button 2.0. Supports FHIR®-based data exchange models.

Improved Data Quality
Reduced Cost
Increased Productivity


iQuartic, incubated at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, is a disruptor to the healthcare ecosystem.

We build solutions using real world data to provide better insights focused on improving patient outcomes for payer and provider organizations.

The impact of our clinical expertise and technology is truly transformative and empowers our clients with meaningful data while significantly improving operations and financial outcomes for their organizations.

We are committed to our clients every step of the way and we dedicate ourselves to getting it just right because – improved patient outcomes depend on it.


Visionaries in smart tech for healthcare.

Our diverse and compassionate team brings deep experience in technology to lead the healthcare revolution.



Talks for the Greater Good

Denise Dobbins, iQuartic

Denise Dobbin, Director of Medical Coding Operations, discusses how AI is bridging the gap between health data and medical coding to create better patient outcomes.


iQ SmartCoder

iQ SmartCoder improves code capture for RA Coders by providing an easy-to-use and interactive user interface. Key features empower coders with the information needed to make an informed decision, all at the click of a button.

Value-based care is changing the healthcare landscape.

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