Converging Cloud, Machine learning, and Natural Language Processing to provide reliable analytics and automated workflows to drive Value-Based Care

Empowering healthcare with innovative technologies to create a “Gold-Standard” for Risk Adjustment

We have transformed Risk adjustment for you

iQuartic, with its excellent iQSmartCoder and iQSmartAssist products, helps organizations optimize the risk capture, with a computer-assisted coding solution that improves the code capture process by providing everything a reviewer needs in one view.

>50% of medical charts retrieved from providers for MA risk adjustment do not support unreported diagnosis codes.

iQuartic Platform

An intelligent platform that automatically extracts relevant information from unstructured data, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and business process specific AI models.



Any Format
Structured/ Unstructured; Paper/Electronic



OCR Solution
to convert & extract into machine-readable format



NLP Algorithms & AI Models
to identify and segregate meaningful data



Web App
to manage, validate and track progress



Analytics Platform
to provide an integrated actionable insights into your data

Transforming Risk Adjustment

Delivering insight on risk that empowers health plans and health care providers to make more informed decisions to improve the quality of patient care.

iQ SmartLens

Better understand patient populations and predict adverse patient-specific events with this end-to-end, data-driven AI solution.

iQ SmartCoder

Improve your code capture process with intuitive interface that improves the efficiency and accuracy of your risk adjustment program

iQ SmartAssist

Maximize the retrieval of patient medical documentation with ease while decreasing the burden of retrieval cost with our FHIR API.

Ready to automate your chart validation or get risk adjustment insights?

iQuartic Value Proposition

Operational Efficiency

Reduce your medical coding operations costs by up to 50%.


Data based visibility into Risk of Audit

Revenue Opportunity

Identify coding and care gaps to generate additional revenues

Care Quality

10-15% increase in suspected but unreported diagnoses