Innovators of “Micro Precision Risk Adjustment”

Incubated and seed-funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield MA

Our team of expert medical coders, software engineers, computational linguists, data scientists and artificial intelligence experts came together to help healthcare insurers and providers use technology to more effectively manage their high-risk patient populations.

iQuartic uses AI, NLP and advanced analytics to improve healthcare operations and outcomes for Medical Advantage health plans and providers.

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iQuartic and the NewWave enterprise have built some of the most extensive health IT solutions in risk adjustment, ePrior authorization, interoperability, TMSIS. We also manage the CMS Clinical Data Abstraction Center and provide RADV Audit support to CMS.

Our mission is to bring innovative technologies to solve problems for the greater good in Healthcare. We are, essentially, creating a Risk Adjustment Gold Standard for the healthcare industry.

Leadership Team

Patrick Munis, acting iQuartic CEO, NewWave CEO

Patrick Munis

Acting CEO

Vignesh Rajan


Advisory Team

Aneesh Chopra

Former CTO of US

Patrick Munis

NewWave CEO

Susheel Ladwa

Onyx CEO

Tony Trenkle

Former CIO, CMS


Two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries have 2 or more chronic conditions